About the Catskin Sisters

We are a group of peopleĀ in Central Illinois and Southern Wisconsin that are actively working with the German magic/shamanistic practice of Seidhr.

Since December 30, 2008 we have been acting as ambassadors between the worlds. We seek out alliances and information in the Otherworlds for our own education, for a better understanding of the worlds around us, ultimately to strengthen the bonds between this world and the others, for the good of all who seek. For our own communities, and among ourselves, we seek for a clearer picture of future events that are being woven, so that we and others may better understand them.

We are working on being a resource to our local communities, and, with our workings, a reservoir of knowledge for the greater community.

If you want up to date information on what we are doing as well as articles that might be of interest to other spaeworkers please find us on Facebook!